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Life is a balancing act!  At Clearly Balanced, our vision is to create experiences that will heal body, mind and spirit.  We are dedicated to providing individuals with the tools to facilitate their own healing process, change behaviors and achieve life goals.  Through professional Reiki Therapy Sessions or our Reiki Training classes, we enable people to access their inner strength, heighten their self-awareness, and help them to achieve their true potential.

Reiki Master Teacher, Debra Otto is a member of the International Association for Reiki Professionals.   As an executive and consultant in the staffing industry for over twenty-five years, Debra has seen first hand the importance of taking care of ourselves, something most of us simply just do not know how or take the time to do.  That goes double for health care professionals.  Stress, poor habits and negative behaviors take their toll.  Reiki training and practice can help you take control.

Reiki I Training:  This is where everyone starts regardless of your intention of becoming a professional practitioner.   In this class, you will learn the philosophy and history of Reiki practice and the guiding precepts.  We will discuss how Reiki enhances and supports your wellness and medical care.  You will leave empowered with the ability to access Reiki energy as well as the hand placements for self-treatment and for sharing Reiki with others.  Imagine the benefit of engaging your family in a culture of wellness and healing.  Those who work in the medical field find Reiki helps them to bring a complementary 'gentle care' to their patients.

Reiki II Training:  Whether you plan to become a professional practitioner or not, the Reiki II participants learn how to perform distance Reiki, create a hands-on Reiki Session and discuss the legal and ethical implications of Reiki Practice.  Participants discover the first three of the Reiki symbols and their applications.  Prerequisite:  Reiki I

Reiki Master Training:  Master training is only recommended after a significant period of self-practice and exposures to treatment on others.  Reiki Master classes discuss what 'mastery' means as it relates to the Reiki precepts and daily life.  You will learn the final master symbol and its uses.  Your Reiki lineage will be provided.  Prerequisite:  Reiki I and Reiki II plus a significant period of self-practice.

Reiki Master Teacher:  For those who are called to teach and share this amazing and life changing practice.

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